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Supply of advanced laboratory equipment

Providing advanced equipment for instrumental analysis laboratories in academic and industrial centers

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Spare parts supply

Supply of spare parts and high consumption of instrumental analysis equipment and necessary items for sample preparation

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Periodic repair and service

Troubleshooting services and periodic service of advanced device analysis equipment

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Sales of standards and chemical

Standards and solvents required for gas and liquid chromatography devices from reputable brands

High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is used in the laboratory to separate, identify, and quantify the components of a liquid compound. Liquid chromatograph or HPLC is a chromatographic device that is commonly used to analyze residual toxins in pharmaceutical and food samples in the liquid phase. Liquid chromatography is also used to identify vitamins, including vitamins A, C and D, as well as it can be used in the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. In the HPLC device, the analyte is in the mobile phase and bypassing over the stationary phase, and based on its degree of inclination to the stationary phase, it performs the separation and identification of the compounds in the analyte accurately.

A gas chromatography device is one of the chromatographic equipment that is used in the analytical laboratory for the purpose of analyzing and identifying the components of a compound in the gaseous state. The device can very accurately analyze the components in a gas state. For material analysis with chromatography, there is a stationary phase inside the column through which the mixed components pass in the gaseous state, and based on the inclination of the moving phase components towards the stationary phase and the passage speed through it, different gas components are identified and measured with high accuracy.

The detection limit varies depending on the type of compound and the detector used.

The GC-MASS device is a new research tool that plays a key role with its many applications of high efficiency and unreliable results in the fields of research and quality control and the advancement of science and technology. GC-MASS are used in various fields such as medicine and pharmaceuticals and environmental research. Analysis of food and oils. Investigation of criminal cases and forensic medicine. Test of biological materials of the body and pesticides. Analysis of hydrocarbons, Chemical agents and industrial applications.

The headspace device is used to inject a liquid sample or a gas vapor sample into the device. The headspace device is more suitable for analyzing light volatile samples and also for analyzing volatile and semi-volatile organic matter in gaseous samples and analyzing alcohols in the blood and precipitated solvents in the production of pharmaceutical products. In case of injection, The existing sample liquid is drawn and injected directly by the device, but in the gaseous state, the upper part of the vial is removed from the gas mixture and injected.

The ultraviolet spectrophotometer is laboratory analytical equipment that uses the interaction between light and matter to analyze materials. The most important application of a spectrophotometer is in identifying and quantifying molecular materials and compounds using the property of molecular absorption of light by the analyte. The spectrophotometer is available in single beam and double beam types. Visible spectrophotometry using a tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp allows concentration measurement. Analytical concentration can be measured.

An atomic absorption device is an analytical device that is used for the purpose of a wide range of metals in the laboratory. The basis for determining the concentration of elements in a spectrometer is based on measuring the amount of light absorption by the atoms of that element. Atomic absorption spectroscopy is usually used in the laboratory to analyze the heavy metals in the analyte to measure the quality of the material.

Spectrometer device also abbreviated as FTIR. It is used in analytical laboratories to achieve the absorption spectrum or emission of IR materials in liquid and solid gas phase. Infrared spectrometer is laboratory analytical equipment that is mostly used to qualitatively identify chemical compounds, especially organic matter and polymers, and to determine the functional groups in the analysis sample. FTIR device with high resolution and high reproducibility allow the analysis of material with good sensitivity.

Procurement and supply of deuterium lamps, needle and needle seat, Rotor Seal, syringe, GC and HPLC syringes, Guard Holder, Cartridge, Syringe head filter, Filters which are specific for GC device and all the gas and liquid chromatography equipment from Agilent, Perkin Elmer, Thermo Fisher, Gl science , Hamilton, Waters companies.

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